Advantages Of A Private College Over State University

private or public schoolAdvantages of a Private School

Private Schools offer several benefits over a public university. We encourage every student to consider a private education.  First and foremost, don't look at the price tag.  Private colleges often have significant endowment funds they use to scholarship students who can't pay full price.  Consider also, many private colleges graduate their students in 4 years while larger state schools average around 5.6 years.  Those extra years can easily match the cost you'd pay at a private school.  Here are some advantages to private schools:

Smaller Classes – Private schools often provide smaller classes giving students a more personal experience. Professors have more accessibly working hours to give students who need help the opportunity to learn directly from them. In larger universities, students who need help or questions answered must speak with the professors assistants.

Better Quality Professors – Private Schools often hire better quality professors. They are smarter, more experienced, and better connected than ones found at a public college.

Better Quality Students – Students who attend private schools are often more motivated and focused. Being around successful students will help make you successful.

Better Quality Alumni – You will also be graduating into a better quality Alumni Association. Your alumni social network can be a source of important connections you will need in your career or business.

Control Over Your Beliefs – Going to a private college can give you the opportunity to surround yourself with others who share a specific belief or philosophy.  There is nothing quite like sitting through four years of professors whose AIM is to destroy your beliefs and morality.
Graduate in 4 Years – As just mentioned, private schools have a much higher 4 year graduation rate.  In fact, only 40% of students attending a state school graduate in for years.  At a private college, that rate is around 80% -85%.

Myths About Private Schools

Private Schools Cost More – Many private schools have larger endowment than public schools. Given the right student, a private education can cost just as much or less than a public education.

I'm Not Smart Enough – Remember that colleges have a specific demographic they are targeting. These schools are willing to bypass a lower GPA for a student with the right qualities.

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