Alternatives To College

alternatives to collegeGranted, college isn't for everyone; and certainly there have been immensely successful people who never graduated from college. However, at the core of their success has still been education. You do have a right to not go to college, but you don't have a right to be uneducated. No matter what you decide for your life, education needs to be central. Here are a few alternative options than going to college.

Professional Sales – These jobs are often based on commission sales so your income is directly related to your production. All that is required is often a license from the state so education is required but usually minimum. Jobs in this category are Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Car Sales men, and similar positions.  These are some of the highest wage earners in America.

Distance Learning – Online college courses are becoming more and more popular. There are many degrees now available online for a fair price. These courses provide students a low cost education with a flexible schedule. The tradeoff is the personal attention and experience one would get by going to a traditional school.

Armed Service – The armed services is proven to produce disciplined, hardworking citizens. The personal growth and lasting friendships you'll receive in the armed serves is second to none.  Most enlistees also receive an education in some sort of trade; an electrician for example.

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