Career Questionnaire – What To Ask A Professional During An Interview

An excellent way to learn more about an occupation is to talk with several people in that particular field. You can secure interviews with a simple phone call.  Introduce yourself and explain you're considering a career in their line of work.  You'll find most people are more than willing to answer your questions. Here is […]

Where To Go To Research Career Options

Where To Go Every two years the Department of Labor publishes the Occupational Handbook. You can usually find this book at any local book store such as Barnes and Noble or Boarders Books. You can also visit their website at to view the same information. This source will provide you with the important details […]

Discovering Your Interests – The First Step To Choosing A Major

Studies have shown time and again that people with certain personality types excel in certain types of jobs. In fact, many companies are requiring some form of personality assessment during the interview process to help them determine the success an applicant will have in that position. Knowing who you are and how you work will […]