Don’t Be Hoodwinked By A Scholarship Scam

Before you begin spending hours poring over scholarship applications, consider this financial aid sources chart .  It explains that most of your scholarships will come from the government and schools.  The primary focus of your college plan should focus on being a stellar student and scoring well on standardized tests.  That is your best opportunity […]

College Admissions Timeline

Freshman Year: Develop a recommended class schedule of college preparatory courses according to your planned college major. Contact your guidance counselor for assistance. Establish strong study habits and commit to a consistent study routine. Be organized. Work on effective time management techniques. Use a day timer/planner to manage your day(s) and week(s). Become involved in […]

What Are The Core Differences Of College Environments?

Let's take a look at two major considerations; the basic surroundings and the college’s actual size. There are three basic surroundings terms: rural, urban, and suburban.  Considering Your Environment Rural Schools – Schools in rural areas can be a great place to study sciences or agriculture.   Socially, students who love hiking, bike riding, and kayaking […]