Meeting With The Addmissions Officer

So you’re on your way to an interview with the admissions officer and you’re not quite sure what to say or what to think.  Your palms are sweaty; knees wobbling.  The last thing you should do is be nervous for one of these interviews.  In the grand scheme of things, the interview is probably at […]

Alternatives To College

Granted, college isn't for everyone; and certainly there have been immensely successful people who never graduated from college. However, at the core of their success has still been education. You do have a right to not go to college, but you don't have a right to be uneducated. No matter what you decide for your […]

Where To Go To Research Career Options

Where To Go Every two years the Department of Labor publishes the Occupational Handbook. You can usually find this book at any local book store such as Barnes and Noble or Boarders Books. You can also visit their website at to view the same information. This source will provide you with the important details […]