Meeting With The Addmissions Officer

So you’re on your way to an interview with the admissions officer and you’re not quite sure what to say or what to think.  Your palms are sweaty; knees wobbling.  The last thing you should do is be nervous for one of these interviews.  In the grand scheme of things, the interview is probably at […]

How Many Schools Should Students Apply To?

After evaluating your college list you should be able to immediately eliminate a few colleges. You probably have already started to form an idea of what the school differences are. Your goal now is to narrow your list to no less than 6 schools. 2 Safety Schools – Safety schools are schools that are a […]

Getting Your College Application Noticed

Every student has specific, unique talents and strengths that will need to be communicated to the college. The application process is the tool they use to identify each students unique qualities and the talents you will bring to the college and the community as a whole. After determining your strengths, a marketing program should be […]