Discovering Your Interests – The First Step To Choosing A Major

student personality profileStudies have shown time and again that people with certain personality types excel in certain types of jobs. In fact, many companies are requiring some form of personality assessment during the interview process to help them determine the success an applicant will have in that position. Knowing who you are and how you work will help focus your efforts on finding a rewarding and successful career.

Taking A Personality Profile

There are numerous personality tests out there that you can take. Just Google "Personality Profile Test" and you'll find hundreds of websites dedicated to helping you understand who you are and how you work. Among the leaders is the Myer-Briggs foundation that has become a standard in their industry. Other companies are available and provide excellent results. Some companies will charge a fee for the testing while other sites may have a free test available. You can also check with your school counselor to see if they have a resource you can use. The important thing is that you find a test your comfortable with that provides you with careers that match your personality. DO NOT PASS THIS STEP UP. Take some time to discover who you are most like and what kinds of careers match best your personality. Many students who do not will find themselves changing majors two years into college. resulting in extra years of college. At $15,000+ a year this isn't a mistake you want to make.

Applying The Results

Now that you've got the results, let’s talk a little bit about how to apply them. The first thing is to actually read the report. Every test should come with a reference to the output and demonstrate how to interpret the report.  The jest of the report should explain how you best interpret the world and the best ways you interact with people, learn, and solve problems.  It should also provide a list of possible career choices you may be interested looking into.  You can now start to apply these findings to your life in many ways to help increase your quality of life.  Specifically here, in determining a fulfilling career choice.

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