Four Time Wasting College Planning Mistakes

time wasting college mistakes1. Spending time researching colleges that are out of range financially

  • You should know in advance what every college may offer in financial aid
  • If you qualify what is the estimated financial aid package

2. Visiting colleges that the student has less than a 50% chance of being admitted

  • A bad college list will have too many reach colleges (they are in the bottom 25 percentile of students admitted based on GPA, standardized test scores, class rank, etc.
  • Students should spend more time on colleges that want them especially where the student is in the upper 25 percentile

3. Visiting colleges that are not a good “fit” for the student

  • Many students will end up transferring because they did not do a good job of choosing which colleges to visit in the first place
  • The #1 rule for visiting colleges would be to spend more time on the college’s website, get in touch with students they know who currently attend, and past graduates to verify the minimal requirements that the student has decided a college needs to have in order to attend.

4. Filing scholarship applications that the student will not qualify for

  • Make sure that the student will be in the upper applicant pool
  • Smaller and local scholarships will have fewer applicants and will give the student a better chance of winning.

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