Getting Organized For College Admissions

Getting Organized For Your College ApplicationsAfter you've completed the college search process, you should have 6-10 schools you have researched, visited (if possible), and have spoken with to answer any questions you have about the college.  Now it’s time to start the actual application process.  You want to submit your application as early as possible.  Remember most colleges work on a first come first served basis, both in terms of acceptance and award money.  Keeping your applications organized will help from missing deadlines or overlooking items required to be sent to fulfill your request. 

The first thing to you'll want to do is contact all of your schools to ask them to mail you an application or visit their website to print off the latest application.  When you receive the applications, make a copy of them and store the original in a safe place where it won't get worn or torn.  You always want to work from the copy to perfect your information and then transfer to the original when you’re happy with it.  We recommend using an online application when possible.  Many colleges will let you create an account with a username and password that allows you to save your work and return anytime to finish it.  We recommend using separate folders for each school to store all details and applications in.

Use the College Application Tracking Form or make your own similar chart to record all application deadlines.  Review this weekly and aim to submit your applications no later than three weeks BEFORE that deadline.  Your high school will need time to submit your transcript and recommendation letters.

Also verify whether or not there are scholarship applications that are separate from the regular admissions application used by the college to award their scholarships.  Every college is a little different so it is always best to double check.

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