How Important Is The College Essay?

how important is the college essayIf you remember back to the level of importance a school places on the essay it was just behind special talents or abilities.  In most cases we are referring to sports, music, or some form of the arts.  Pending a student has not participated in those, one might say your writing skill is your special ability.  At most of the more elite schools in fact, the essay is more important than these special abilities mentioned above.  One’s ability to communicate and write effectively is not only desirable to schools but extremely sought after in the business world.  Those with strong writing ability often are paid very well for their way with words. 

Additionally, the essay provides an opportunity for colleges to truly peek inside the student amongst all the academic facts and statistics.  It gives the colleges a sense of your character and how you view the world.  Consequently, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to truly give yourself a competitive edge.  Even if you lack the academic stature of an average applicant, you still have an opportunity to express yourself and your passions for life.  Take the essay seriously and put forth your best effort.  It could be what propels you into a slot otherwise given to a stronger academic student.

So How Important is your essay?  Depending on the school, maybe not at all.  Then again, at highly competitive schools or where your not in the top 20% of the applicants, it could make or break you.  This is where knowing where you stand among the incoming freshman class is so important.


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