How Important Is The College Essay?

If you remember back to the level of importance a school places on the essay it was just behind special talents or abilities.  In most cases we are referring to sports, music, or some form of the arts.  Pending a student has not participated in those, one might say your writing skill is your special […]

Four Time Wasting College Planning Mistakes

1. Spending time researching colleges that are out of range financially You should know in advance what every college may offer in financial aid If you qualify what is the estimated financial aid package 2. Visiting colleges that the student has less than a 50% chance of being admitted A bad college list will have […]

Great Expectations: What Can College Do For You?

Before jumping right into the college selection process, it's important to understand why you want to go and what you're hoping to get out of it in the first place.  Obviously, at the end of your college career you should have at least a bachelor's degree, but college can offer you so much more.  Consider […]