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College Admissions Pro

College Admissions Pro


College and Career Selection

College Admissions Pro

We provide an interactive career exploration and education planning system for our students. A comprehensive analysis of the student's interests, values, skills, and personality will guide them towards the careers that suit them best, and then direct them to the colleges, and training programs that will help prepare them for their future. Our comprehensive approach which begins with self analysis and career exploration will help them discover the best possible fit in a college setting, so they can start out more focused on their goals. The program begins with 4 self-assessments and then matches the student to careers that match their profile. The majors are then matched to colleges offering those majors. Once the student has selected several colleges, they can look at the data about each college including a summary of SAT/ACT scores needed the year before for admission to that college.

Admissions Coaching

The admissions process is quite complicated and we are here to help the student. We help the students with the following:

  • Planning Calendar
  • College Selection and Career Guidance
  • Community Service • Personal Resume Writing (brag sheet)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Application Essay (personal Statement)
  • SAT/ACT preparation


Financial Analysis including EFC Calculation The admissions process is only part of the college planning picture. Once the student has been accepted to the college, the big question becomes," Now, how are we going to pay for this?" We will help you navigate the financial side and the college funding process without jeopardizing your retirement. We will advise you on every aspect of the funding process, including estimating your EFC, researching ways to lower your EFC, budgeting, college matching, and retirement preservation. With our proprietary software, College Advisor Pro (CAP), we will also show you if you will qualify for need-based or merit-based financial aid at the colleges being considered.

Filling out FAFSA and CSS Profile

As part of your financial consultation, we will file your FAFSA for you. Before filing, we will consult with you to be sure information is correct, and in the right place on the form. This will insure that there are no errors when filed. For a small additional fee, will also file your CSS Profile, if required.

Features and Benefits

Scholarship and Grant Help

Career Exploration and Assessments
Identify your student's personality type, vocational interests, and provide them with tools for researching career options.

College Search and Selection

College Search and Selection
A targeted college search based on the student's personality type, academic achievements, and your financial capabilities

Online Application Tracker

Personal Online Application Tracker
Staying organized is one of the bigger challenges we see student's face.  This online services helps students stay on task, communicate with their advisor, and not miss important deadlines.

Essay Icon

College Essay Manager
Each college will have a set of essay questions to choose from.  This tool helps student's prioritize and manage their time while writing their essays.

personal attention icon

Personal Attention
A tailored funding plan requires personal attention.  Get real face to face time with our experienced professional advisers.


FAFSA and CSS Profile Filing
About 40% of FAFSAs are filled out incorrectly.  Let our team help you get it right.


Finances and Financial Aid

Finances and Financial Aid
Make sure you can afford the college your student applies to!  We provide a financial aid report and cash flow analysis to make sure you understand all your options

Scholarship and Grants

Scholarship and Grant Coaching
Get a tailored list of scholarships and grants your student qualifies for.

Price: $997.00

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