Choosing A Essay Topic

Your Initial Brainstorming Session You all should be familiar with brainstorming tactics and strategies to help get the creative juices flowing.  Apply that same knowledge here and compile a list of possible topics.  Avoid a love affair with the first few ideas that pop in your head.  In fact, many of the more successful essays […]

College Application Checklist

Here are several documents that are typically required and recommended when submitting an application:     College Application     Check for the Application Fee     High School Transcript     FAFSA     CSS Profile (only used by select elite colleges.  Check with your school choices to see if they require it)     SAT / ACT test scores […]

Getting Your College Application Noticed

Every student has specific, unique talents and strengths that will need to be communicated to the college. The application process is the tool they use to identify each students unique qualities and the talents you will bring to the college and the community as a whole. After determining your strengths, a marketing program should be […]