What Are The Core Differences Of College Environments?

Let's take a look at two major considerations; the basic surroundings and the college’s actual size. There are three basic surroundings terms: rural, urban, and suburban.  Considering Your Environment Rural Schools – Schools in rural areas can be a great place to study sciences or agriculture.   Socially, students who love hiking, bike riding, and kayaking […]

What To Consider Durring Your First College Search

Your Initial college search should be a very general one. Don't rule out a school based on price or familiarity. Right now we just want to search for a few basic criteria. There are several college searches available and all provide slightly different information. Two of the more popular ones are Collegeboard.com and CollegeData.com To […]

How Many Schools Should Students Apply To?

After evaluating your college list you should be able to immediately eliminate a few colleges. You probably have already started to form an idea of what the school differences are. Your goal now is to narrow your list to no less than 6 schools. 2 Safety Schools – Safety schools are schools that are a […]