Why Go To College? Four Concrete Reasons

Before students look at how to pick colleges, it is important they understand why they're are going in the first place. The common response and obvious answer is to equip themselves with the tools and knowledge needed to be successful. Unfortunately most students do not fully understand what that means or the advantages they will […]

Four Time Wasting College Planning Mistakes

1. Spending time researching colleges that are out of range financially You should know in advance what every college may offer in financial aid If you qualify what is the estimated financial aid package 2. Visiting colleges that the student has less than a 50% chance of being admitted A bad college list will have […]

How NOT To Pick A College

Before students start looking at all the considerations and choices of schools, let's address how NOT to select a college All of my friends are going to… This is probably one of the more common reasons students blindly pick a school.  Allow us to reassure you that you'll find friends wherever you go.  Let us […]