Career Questionnaire – What To Ask A Professional During An Interview

An excellent way to learn more about an occupation is to talk with several people in that particular field. You can secure interviews with a simple phone call.  Introduce yourself and explain you're considering a career in their line of work.  You'll find most people are more than willing to answer your questions. Here is […]

Which Costs Less? Public or Private?

Does a private school really cost more than a state school?  It sounds like a rhetorical question but it’s not.  I can make a case they cost about the same.  In this article we’ll take a look at the real cost differences between the two and bring the word “value” into the conversation. *Note: If […]

Positioning Your Student For Success – How Colleges Evaluate Applications

Colleges have a defined demographic and budget they strive to achieve. By knowing these criteria in advance you can position yourself to be exactly what the college is looking for. There is no way to know exactly what requirements each school is looking for, but most schools fall into three basic categories. Each category has […]