What Are The Core Differences Of College Environments?

Let's take a look at two major considerations; the basic surroundings and the college’s actual size. There are three basic surroundings terms: rural, urban, and suburban.  Considering Your Environment Rural Schools – Schools in rural areas can be a great place to study sciences or agriculture.   Socially, students who love hiking, bike riding, and kayaking […]

What To Consider Durring Your First College Search

Your Initial college search should be a very general one. Don't rule out a school based on price or familiarity. Right now we just want to search for a few basic criteria. There are several college searches available and all provide slightly different information. Two of the more popular ones are Collegeboard.com and CollegeData.com To […]

Advantages Of A Private College Over State University

Advantages of a Private School Private Schools offer several benefits over a public university. We encourage every student to consider a private education.  First and foremost, don't look at the price tag.  Private colleges often have significant endowment funds they use to scholarship students who can't pay full price.  Consider also, many private colleges graduate […]