How Many Schools Should Students Apply To?

After evaluating your college list you should be able to immediately eliminate a few colleges. You probably have already started to form an idea of what the school differences are. Your goal now is to narrow your list to no less than 6 schools. 2 Safety Schools – Safety schools are schools that are a […]

How To Get Ready For A College Visit

By this time in the college admissions process you should have narrowed your search down to 6-10 school.  Now it's time to strap on your boots and go experience the colleges for yourself.  This is truly one of the most important parts of the decision process.  Keep in mind you'll be spending the next 4-5 […]

How NOT To Pick A College

Before students start looking at all the considerations and choices of schools, let's address how NOT to select a college All of my friends are going to… This is probably one of the more common reasons students blindly pick a school.  Allow us to reassure you that you'll find friends wherever you go.  Let us […]