Positioning Your Student For Success – How Colleges Evaluate Applications

Colleges have a defined demographic and budget they strive to achieve. By knowing these criteria in advance you can position yourself to be exactly what the college is looking for. There is no way to know exactly what requirements each school is looking for, but most schools fall into three basic categories. Each category has […]

College Admissions Timeline

Freshman Year: Develop a recommended class schedule of college preparatory courses according to your planned college major. Contact your guidance counselor for assistance. Establish strong study habits and commit to a consistent study routine. Be organized. Work on effective time management techniques. Use a day timer/planner to manage your day(s) and week(s). Become involved in […]

Meeting With The Addmissions Officer

So you’re on your way to an interview with the admissions officer and you’re not quite sure what to say or what to think.  Your palms are sweaty; knees wobbling.  The last thing you should do is be nervous for one of these interviews.  In the grand scheme of things, the interview is probably at […]