Where To Go To Research Career Options

Where To Go Every two years the Department of Labor publishes the Occupational Handbook. You can usually find this book at any local book store such as Barnes and Noble or Boarders Books. You can also visit their website at http://www.bls.gov/oco/ to view the same information. This source will provide you with the important details […]

What To Consider Durring Your First College Search

Your Initial college search should be a very general one. Don't rule out a school based on price or familiarity. Right now we just want to search for a few basic criteria. There are several college searches available and all provide slightly different information. Two of the more popular ones are Collegeboard.com and CollegeData.com To […]

How Many Schools Should Students Apply To?

After evaluating your college list you should be able to immediately eliminate a few colleges. You probably have already started to form an idea of what the school differences are. Your goal now is to narrow your list to no less than 6 schools. 2 Safety Schools – Safety schools are schools that are a […]