Top Things To Remeber When Dealing With Colleges

College Is A Business

Many people lose site that a college is a business. Keep this in mind when applying to colleges. You are interviewing the college just as much as they are interviewing you. You are the one paying thousands of dollars to attend their school; you are paying them to educate you. Approaching college this way helps you to make better decisions about how you spend your money.  Education is an investment in knowledge, personal growth, and social networks.  You should EXPECT your education to provide you a rate of return on that investment.

Also keep in mind that because college is a business, THEIR goal is not to educate you, their goal is make money.  Learn the things we are suggesting and keep your eyes open.  While a college will not maliciously look to deceive you, they will certainly let you pay full price if you’re willing.

Colleges Have A Quota

At the start of every year college admissions officers are given a target demographic. Their job is recruit students who match that quota. For example, the applications office is told that it is only allowed to accept 1000 incoming freshman. Of that thousand, so many needs to be a minority, so many needs to be English majors, and so many needs to be out of state students. There are lots of possible criteria that colleges may target, and knowing what that quota is can land you a sweet deal by becoming exactly what they are looking for.  We will cover this in more detail a little later, for now just recognize the opportunity and keep it in mind while going through the program.

Don't Procrastinate: Start Early

While some of you may argue that you are best when under pressure, using that approach to applying for college can cost you big bucks, and perhaps your acceptance. Stay in control of your schedule and make sure you get your applications in as earlier as possible. The logic for this is simple. Colleges not only have a quota, they have a budget. The earlier you make yourself known and display your qualities the more likely you are of receiving aid from the school. Those that wait until the last minute are less likely to have access to the same funds. Remember, once the money is gone it's gone. Besides, procrastination can lead to our next topic… stress!

Don't Stress

It's your senior year of high school for Pete sake! This should be one of the best years of your life. While you should still be preparing for the future, it is important to take the time to cherish these times. Again, starting early and doing your due diligence will help give you confidence. If you start to feel stressed, find someone you respect to share your concerns with. Talking through your concerns will help focus you and put your mind at ease. If you're unorganized, get organized. Have someone help you or use the online tools to help keep you on track.  So relax, have fun your senior year, but stay focused.

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