What To Consider Durring Your First College Search

initial college searchYour Initial college search should be a very general one. Don't rule out a school based on price or familiarity. Right now we just want to search for a few basic criteria. There are several college searches available and all provide slightly different information.

Two of the more popular ones are Collegeboard.com and CollegeData.com

To start, limit your initial college search to the following parameters:

  • Region / States
  • 2-year / 4-year school
  • Surrounding Area (rural, suburban, etc.)
  • School Size
  • Major

In another article, we take a deeper look at how to narrow down your search.  What's important to take away here is to find the maximum amount of possible schools that match your basic criteria.  The more schools you research the more you'll know what you want and don't want.

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