What To Look For And Do On Your College Visits

what to do on your college visitsQuality of the Facilities

If you’re going to pay for room and board it makes since to pay particular attention to the dorms and their layout.  Some dorms are two to a single room with a community bathroom and shower area.  Other layouts include suites that share a bathroom in the middle.  There is also the concern of general cleanliness of the rooms and other common areas like restrooms and the cafeteria.  You’re going to need a comfortable place to study, relax, and sleep.  Make sure you can feel comfortable with where you'll be staying.

Student Activities and Social Events

Look for social events going on like study sessions in the library or a group of people playing a game of ultimate Frisbee.   One of the best places to look for social events is up on the billboard or in the school newspaper. Drop by to pick up some fliers and grab a paper before you leave.

Demographics of the Student Body

Start to get a feel for the student body type.  Notice the diversity of the student body and pay attention to what issues the student body may be raising at their school or political ideals, religion, or other general categories.

Distance from Class and Parking Accommodations

At some of the larger campuses getting around can be quite the task.  Some schools span 5 city blocks and have limited parking accommodations.  Also consider how long it would take you to go from class to class or from the library back to your dorm.

Sit In On A Class

Ask to sit in on a class when you call to make arrangements to visit the college.  It would make since to attend a core class from the major you plan on taking, but if it is not available, obviously find a class of some kind.

Spend Some Time Off Campus

If you have the time we would encourage you to get out and see the social scene.  You won’t be class all the time and will benefit from having constructive fun from time to time.  Look for little coffee houses or ask around for a common place the students like to go.

Other Things To Consider:
  • Visit the Academic Departments
  • Attend a sporting event, play, or concert
  • Grab a meal in the cafeteria
  • Stay the Night

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