Why Us?

We understand you have a choice when choosing a college planning company.  But with all the different companies and options available, what separates us from them?

The answer is simple.  We’re not a college admissions company; we’re a financial planning company that specializes in college planning.  On the surface the implication may not seem so obvious, but the outcome is monumental.

You’ll rarely find a college admissions company that also provides the funding side.  As a result, the expectations of the student and parents are often very different.   College admission specialists simply do not understand how financial aid works, or the impact placed on the parent’s finances.  We provide both college funding and admissions under one roof.  There is no disconnect between the two related but very different industries.

A well respected and industry leading CPA out of Virginia was quoted “I just tell all of my clients to buy a 529 plan. That’s all anybody really needs.”  The truth is 529 plans are often one of the worst college savings vehicles to invest in.  This one size fits all approach to college planning is costing families thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. 

Saving for college and paying for college are two different things.  Our process is the result of 20 years’ experience.  We understand that every family is different and needs a personal and customize approach to accomplish the most profitable outcome.  This is the profound difference between what we do and what our competitors can provide.

We provide a free college consultation and college funding report to everyone via online webinar.  We can provide you a detailed report and financial aid estimate to any college your student is considering.  We’ll also let you know how we can help you reduce the cost of college and the strategies you should consider using to do so.

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